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You start to practice free -MS Powerpoint MCQ- Microsoft Office Powerpoint (MCQ) multiple choice questions. Ms Powerpoint Multiple Choose Questions Hope your knowledge will increase further. I wish you all the best. Now you start MS Powerpoint MCQ.

Here are the multiple choice questions from database application Microsoft Powerpoint . The questions are suitable to the competitive jobs exams such as Data Entry Supervisors, Bank Exams and Computer Operators.

Select one of four options to know the correct answer.

1. Which tab is not available on left panel when you open a presentation?
2. What lets you to create new presentation by selecting ready-made font color and graphics effects?
3. Which command will you use in PowerPoint if you need to change the color of different objects without changing content?

4. Which of the following section does not exist in a slide layout?
5. PowerPoint presentations are widely used as
6. _______ controls all the main slide control tasks for your presentation.
7. What PowerPoint feature will you use to apply motion effects to different objects of a slide?
8. Which of the following pane is NOT available in Task Pane?
9. A new presentation can be created from
10. In slide layout panel how many layouts are available for text layout by default?